Run The Woods With Team HHHC Outdoors

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Meet The Pro Staff

Team HHHC Outdoors was originated in 2008 from the Hill Hunters Houndsman Club. Brandon Bowling started this as a group of friends and hound hunters locally and was brought up to start a show after the first year and here we are. If your an avid Houndsman and love coon, bear, rabbit and squirrel hunting follow us thru the woods and sit back relax from truck to tree, Let's Hit the Trail!

Brandon Bowling is from Butler, KY. He is the founder of Team HHHC Outdoors. Also the lead editor of HHHC Productions. 

Brian Roberts 

Cole Burns

Meet the Field Staff

Lee Small

Brent Rose

Meet the Hounds

Trackin' Coon Kennels- Butler, KY

To book a breeding call Brandon Bowling at 859-835-9527

or check out Trackin' Coon Kennels facebook page for litters out of these stud dogs!

Buck Wild Kennels- Annville, Ky

This Kennel is a hound training facility for coonhounds, curs, beagles ,and fiests. If your looking to get your hound in at one of the finest hound hunting training facilities around give Brian Roberts a call at 606-493-5816 to book your hound today!!! Also to book a breeding contact Brian Roberts at the above number and check for upcoming litters on the Buck Wild Kennels facebook page!! 

Team HHHC Outdoors Official Store 
Annville, Ky 
phone number to place orders 606-493-5816

Valu-Pak Dog feed $25 

Purina Dog Chow $25

Purina Puppy Chow


Dog Leads


Big Collars w/ Nameplate $8

Small Collar w/ Nameplate $7

Metal Dog food bowls


Tree Dawger Lanyards


We have limited quantity at this time, but we can still get your order filled so 

give us a call and place your order today.  We will also be selling show merchandise such as the t-shirt designs, hats, sweatpants, and more. So give us a call for whatever you need we will also begin selling some of the items our sponsors make as well so give us a call and place your order today!!!

Check out our DVD's that we have produced

To pick up your copy of "Tailgates and Treedogs" the 2016 dvd from Team HHHC Outdoors go to our facebook page to place your order!!!

"Legends of the Night" 2015 DVD

"Midnight Madness"

     2014 DVD

"When Darkness Falls"

   2012/2013 DVD

 Some of the gear we have available for sale on our facebook page!!  Shop now

Custom T-shirt

Custom Beanie
Be sure to check out our facebook page for a full selection of apparel, we have  t-shirts,hoodies,hats,beanies,sweat pants, decals, and much much more!!! 
Turned Up T-shirt
Custom Trucker Hat